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Since 1979

Welcome to the world of Lexon and our fine collection of high-quality carpets.

With more than 40 years of experience in producing and distributing machine-made carpeting, the Lexon group is a leading manufacturer of high-quality machine-made specialist carpets & rugs in various grades, specifically tailored to customer needs.
Our strategy is supplying some products that are appropriate for each country.

We supply an extensive range of rugs and wall-to-wall carpeting from 300,000 points to 4,500,000 points in different materials, including Acrylic, Polypropylene, Polyester, Wool, Viscose, and Modal.

Our highly motivated R&D team is actively engaged in creating new designs identifying the latest trends, sourcing new materials, and experimenting with various weaving structures.

What the customer wants, the customer gets. Faithful to our motto that the customer comes first, we are committed to providing the best possible service to all.


  • Area Rugs

Our business is mainly about Area Rugs. We are producing collections in different styles, but we would be able to use some specific features that could make them valuable and various rugs in each collection. Every day we are thinking of finding ways to make a better space for our consumers, especially with producing natural products. As a result of this, we mention some categories of our products as below:

Safavieh Collection

Persian Product Style
Machine-Made (High-Low) Acrylic

Holi Collection

Indian Product Style
Hand-finished, Machine-Weaved
Wool & Viscose

Cilium Collection

Turkish Product Style
Machine-Made (Relax Surface)



  • Wall-to-Wall Carpet

For special places like mosques, hotels, … that the executive team prefers to use high quality weaved carpet with colorful, unique designs and special specifications like pile height, Size, Density, …
We can weave according to our available collections and colors. Our designers will make the artwork according to our customers’ ideas, so this point is available for our customers to cover the floors precisely like what they thought about.
Most of our machines have 4-meter width, and we have no limitation about the length. This is more economical to consider the orders to full the width of the machine to avoid extra waste.

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