• Area Rugs

Our business is mainly about Area Rugs. We are producing collections in different styles, but we would be able to use some specific features that could make them valuable and various rugs in each collection. Every day we are thinking of finding ways to make a better space for our consumers, especially with producing natural products. As a result of this, we mention some categories of our products as below:

Safavieh Collection

Persian Product Style
Machine-Made (High-Low) Acrylic

Holi Collection

Indian Product Style
Hand-finished, Machine-Weaved
Wool & Viscose

Cilium Collection

Turkish Product Style
Machine-Made (Relax Surface)

Diamond Collection

Persian Product Style
Machine-Made (Relax Surface)



  • Wall-to-Wall Carpet

For special places like mosques, hotels, … that the executive team prefers to use high quality weaved carpet with colorful, unique designs and special specifications like pile height, Size, Density, …
We can weave according to our available collections and colors. Our designers will make the artwork according to our customers’ ideas, so this point is available for our customers to cover the floors precisely like what they thought about.
Most of our machines have 4-meter width, and we have no limitation about the length. This is more economical to consider the orders to full the width of the machine to avoid extra waste.

Javad July
Chief Designer

A professional designer will work with you

To create a stunning and comfortable floor covering that suits your style, budget, and needs. A professional designer can help you with:

Choosing the right type of carpet for your space, such as wool, nylon, polyester, or sisal
Selecting the best color, pattern, and texture for your carpet, such as solid, striped, floral, or geometric
Measuring your space and calculating the amount of carpet you need
Maintaining your carpet with regular vacuuming, spot cleaning, and professional cleaning

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We have been nominated for many glories with different topics like best exporter, Consumer rights advocate, R&D, Quality, Industrial, expanded factories, Brands, …. But the biggest Glory for us is your satisfaction and smile after hearing your nice

Number one in export servies


More than 770 designs and colors


Countries live with the LEXON


Producing each houre



We believe that moving & expanding with new technology is a fact that is necessary for each business in this decade, Our company is equipped to the HCI Series of Vandewile machine with hand look 3 rapier structure, 4 high capacity Jacquards, that is the newest technology that Vandewiele unveiled. Otherwise, we developed our business with new business solutions, ERP, Enterprise Resource Planning to control the processes with the lowest human faults and risks.

System, Disipline, Ability

One of the most essential things in all of our businesses is the Form and discipline of the job that we could expand it in our human resources, Now, as soon as we get the order and upload it in our system, this order will not face any human mistake in planning or selecting for finishing & …, all the processes will control by the systems. In this way, customers are not worried about anything, especially at the market’s peak or the products they sold before


We are using more than 30 kinds of yarns that each one has a special place of use; Warp, Weft & Pile Yarn, In warps, we are using a mix of Polyester and Cotton; the combination ratio and yarn count depend on the machines and products. For Weft yarn, we use Jute, Cotten, Filaments of Polyester that depend on the machines. The pile yarn of each collection has been mentioned inside of the catalogs; we are using Wool, Viscose, Acrylic, P.P headset, P.P Freeze at the moment that it can change according to the collections.


We believe that our biggest asset is not our machines, factories, or plants. The most important asset is our commitment that our customers can rely on our promises.

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