Enzo Collection

‘Inspired by Nature’s Wonders’

The Diamond Collection is inspired by Persian designs and modern lifestyles, in Persian designs, special attention is paid to the elegance and originality of the designs. According to the changes of lifestyles in the launch time of this new Collection after Covid era, and the study of chromatic sciences, this collection creates complete aspects of colorful environment even in the small area. Due to the integral fibers, this product does not have any dost and has no side effects.






Polypropylene – Heatset

980,000 points

Big sizes (width 400cm), Standard sizes,
Runner, Oval, Round, Square,
Rolls & Wall-to-Wall



Money Can’t Buy You Happiness

We decided to create a collection inspired by Iran’s old centuries’ art and Persian handmade carpets. Using our expert team, we offer a different version of Iranian machine-made carpets to the world. To cover tastes in vast markets, We selected three popular categories of Iranian styles; Isfahan, Afshan, and Khashti. In order to achieve a matchable and attractive carpet, we combined gray shades with particular colors.

Fusion of Art and Modernity

According to the machine-made Persian carpet, the differences are tiny, but the result is massive!
To perform the concept of fine Persian traditional carpet, we should control many factors from our idea to the final products, Like; color palette, design, fiber and material, weave structure, yarn count, finishing process.
Each step has its own specification, so finally, we considered all the chain production to perform the best of our concept.

Highest Technology

  • Fiber
  • Spinning
  • Weaving
  • Finishing

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