Holi Collection

‘Colors are the smiles of nature’

-Leigh Hunt

After a long time of experience in the machine-made carpet industry and a close connection with the Iranian and Indian hand-woven carpet craft, Lexon Carpet decided to add a stunning collection by taking advantage of the strengths in both industries. It is our pleasure To offer the production of hand-finished carpets with pleasant quality, volume quantity, and phenomenal design to our valuable customers all over the world.




Hand-finished, Machine-Weaved

Wool & Viscose

250 x 350
200 x 300
160 x 230
100 x 150
Custom sizes are available



How feelings will appear?

The concept of Holi Collection has come from a question “How can we evoke feelings in customers and change their idea about what to expect from machine-made Carpet products?”
this feeling can exhibit based on several factors… We’ve done our best in the factors to receive our goal, “Feeling”

Cappadocia Style


To produce an alive carpet, you need to have a live material, so the wool has been elected between the choices. Furthermore, the wool yarn has other features as mentioned below:

fire resistant
Abrasion Resistant
Color Fastness

Multi Climate and Easy Care.
Also, to make more attraction, we choose viscose as a compliment to have the best live rug.

Wide Range of Colors

We felt that the spaces need more colors, and the best way to add some smooth coloring is to design a room with a very special rug on the floor. So we provide a wide range of colors for our valuable customers.

A few changes in the shades are possible because the washing and finishing process is not controlled by machines and instead, it is monitored by experts. we do our best to match the colors with your order.

High Technology

According to the vision of owners, our group experienced sustainable growth in technology from the starting day. Now, the Lexon Group has equipped the ” i ” series of weaving European machines from Vandewiele company in Belgium. We have various weaving machines from low density to the highest, ” 32 to 150 reeds per 10 cm” loop pile and cut pile. We supply more than 1.5 million square meter rugs and wall to wall carpet annually, mostly with high density for different markets with their unique taste.

Sience of Producing

According to the fact that machine-made carpet is produced based on synthetic material, our technical engineering team changes many things such as jacquard and control systems, in order to make appropriate weaving machines for near future rugs.

Hand Finished

We wash the rug more than seven times to reach the best surface and touch; all the finishing process is done by hand.
The fringes of the rug come from inside to make a consistent rug.

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