Who We Are?

Manufacturer and Distributor of machine-made rug and carpet to all around the world

Welcome to the world of Lexon and our fine collection of high-quality
With more than 40 years of experience in producing and distributing
machine-made carpets, the Lexon group is a leading manufacturer of
high-quality machine-made specialist carpets & rugs in various grades,
specifically tailored to customer needs.
Our strategy is supplying specialized products that are absolutely designed
particular tastes of each country.
We supply an extensive range of rugs and wall-to-wall carpeting from
300,000 points to 4,500,000 points in different materials, including Acrylic,
Polypropylene, Polyester, Wool, Viscose, and Modal.
Our highly motivated R&D team is actively engaged in creating new designs
identifying the latest trends, sourcing new materials, and experimenting with
various weaving structures.
What the customer wants, the customer gets. Faithful to our motto that the
customer comes first, we are committed to providing the best possible service
to all.

We have collected the worldwide carpet trends by this triangle

The union of carpet designers

Gaziantep, Isfahan, Bhadohi

We have collected the worldwide carpet trends

We try to create diverse designs and colors through extensive communication and the combination of the arts of the world’s carpet centers, using the strengths of each region in texture, color, design, and material.


Safavieh Collection


Holi Collection


Cilium Collection


Our vision is to provide special solution for each market in all
of five continents. That can make better feel in the space.


Creating the rugs to make people’s house a better place to live


Your style is our passion

Respect and Originality acts

Given the 40 years of history in the production of carpets, we tried to keep our customers in the end respect and peace of cooperation, because respect and originality in behavior is the first principle in cooperation.


By creating different and new concepts, we can give a better feeling to our customers, and this innovation has been seen as a value not only in the product also in cooperation and presentation in the sales network.


We believe that the best future experiences in the world are born from studying the experience of today’s consumers and the R&D team will present their final concepts to the production team with expertise and search in the field of texture, color, design, and in coordination with the marketing team.

Easy access and support

The first principle of cooperation at Lexon is based on the professional ethics of business, which we have tried to do by providing quick access through 24/7 support and online communication to quickly respond to customer orders in all parts of the world.

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