Cilium Collection

‘Colors are the smiles of nature’

-Leigh Hunt

The Cilium Collection is inspired by the combination of new modern style which reflects the feeling of freedom and some geometrical patterns that come from different cultures like Baluchi and Qashqai.
Due to its high quality, we highly recommend it to use in the kids’ bedrooms
Also, the Cilium collection is used in some projects like rooms area in hotels. We decided to show the meaning of softness with light & Modern designs to our honorable customers.




Machine-Made (Relax Surface)


Big sizes (width 400cm), Standard sizes,
Runner, Oval, Round, Square,
Rolls & Wall-to-Wall



Minimal Modern & Affordable

The Cilium collection comes from a new lifestyle that the spaces are free and simplifying is a value for the area. Three shades of Cream, Gray, and Beige make a smooth and clear light color that evokes good feelings in the viewers, furthermore, these colors can be matched easily with other colors.

We made different styles of design to cover the different tastes of our worldwide market. Also, due to the rapid changes in fashion and diversity in society, we tried to produce this collection affordable and make the facility for our customers to change the rugs easily.

Joy of Touch

In the modern lifestyle, the rug will use mostly in the bedroom and some small special areas that the family would like to rest there.
So we focused on finding a solution for how to evoke good feelings in our valuable customers from the beginning of the day when they take their first steps on the floor, besides, the children bedrooms need a rug so smooth and without any dust to protect them from any harm to their breathing system and skin.
this cilium collection uses a continuous yarn which makes rugs without any dust.

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