Cilium Collection

‘Colors are the smiles of nature’

-Leigh Hunt

The Cilium collection has inspired from the combination of new Modern young styles that people prefer to have more freedom in freestyle and some geometrical patterns that come from different cultures like Baluchi and Qashghai.
In this collection, you can feel the highest softness on the floor, this is a very nice quality that we suggest for Bedrooms special for kids that creep on the floor.
Also, the Cilium collection is using in some projects like rooms area in hotels. We decided to show the meaning of softness with light & Modern designs to our honorable customers.

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Machine-Made (Relax Surface)


Big sizes (width 400cm), Standard sizes,
Runner, Oval, Round, Square,
Rolls & Wall-to-Wall



Minimal Modern & Affordable

The Cilium collection comes from a new lifestyle that the spaces are free and simplifying is a value for the area, we choose. The colors can be matchable with other colors, especially in three shades of Cream, Gray, and Beige that two colors have been created by combining three shades to
make a smooth and clear light color that viewers feel good sense and make a better relationship with this smooth color.

We made different styles of design to cover the different tastes of our worldwide market. Also, due to the rapid changes in fashion and diversity in society, we tried to produce this collection affordable. To make this facility for our customers to change the rugs easily.

Joy of Touch

In the modern lifestyle, the rug will use mostly in the bedroom and some small special areas that the family would like to rest there.
so, we focused on this matter to find out that how can we make better feel for our valuable users from the beginning of a day when they would like to take the first step to feel our protection, otherwise the children bedrooms need a rug which has no dust and is so smooth to do not damage their breathing system and skin.
This Cilium continues yarn that it causes to have a rug without dust.

Morocco Style

Geometric Style

Traditional Style

Texture Style


To produce an alive carpet, you need to have a live material, so the wool has been elected between the choices. Furthermore, the wool yarn has other features like below:

fire resistant
Abrasion Resistant
Color Fastness

Multi Climate and Easy Care.
Also, to make more attraction, we choose viscose as a compliment to have the best live rug.

Wide Range of Colors

We felt that the spaces need more colors, and the best place for smooth coloring is the ground, especially the rug on the floor. So we provide a wide range of colors for our valuable customers.

* a few changes in the shades are possible because the washing and finishing process is not controlling by the machines, and it’s happening with expert peoples; we do our
best to match the colors with your order.

High Technology

According to the vision of owners, our group experienced sustainable growth in technology from the starting day. Now, the Lexon Group has equipped the ” i ” series of weaving European machines from Vandewiele company in Belgium. We have various weaving machines from low density to the highest, ” 32 to 150 reeds per 10 cm” loop pile and cut pile. we supply more than 1.5 million square meter rugs and wall to wall carpet annually, mostly with high density to different markets with their unique taste

Sience of Producing

According to this matter that the carpet machinery has produced based on synthetic material, our technical engineering team changes many things such as jacquard and controlling systems,
to make appropriate machines to weave the rug that is ready for special next steps.

Hand Finished

We wash the rug more than seven times to reach the best surface and touch; all the finishing process is doing by hand.
The fringes of the rug come from inside to have a consistant rug.

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